What is Neurolanguage Coaching®?

I am a certified Neurolanguage Coach®, and I provide coaching for both English and Norwegian. Neurolanguage Coaching® facilitates learning in an innovative way, far from the traditional student-teacher classroom dynamic. It sets the learner (you) and coach (me) on equal footing during the coaching conversation. This helps you find the confidence, clarity and creativity you need to excel in your learning.

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Personalised for cost-effectiveness

Learn only what you need with your individual learning style in mind.

Brain-friendly learning focused on motivation, mechanics and mastery.pngmastery.png


Tap into motivation, set and meet your goals, and manage your learning through brain-friendly chunks.

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Continuously strengthen self-awareness and build sustainable learning habits.


I promise to

  1. Deliver tailor-made, brain-based language coaching

  2. Help you identify and troubleshoot your motivation, blockers and learning styles, as well as any emotional triggers, for brain-friendly and cost-effective learning

  3. Follow the coaching standards and ethical guidelines laid out by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Neurolanguage Coaching® is a method developed by Rachel Marie Paling (2017). As a Neurolanguage Coach®, I am certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).